Introducing myself

My name is Emese Rakosy. I have been a designer and producer of glamourous Tiffany glasswork and jewel-like glass paintings. 

I have become a mature artist as a result of my 30 years’ abundant productivity, having a lot of experiences and challenges in the field of designing. I still nurture a lot of ideas in my creative soul, which move me, inspire me in the realization of my new creations. 

I am passionately fond of the basic material I am working with, which is glass. If I am not working for an order, I make paintings, I am experimenting with glass because I feel enthusiastic about the ways of application and combinations of the given techniques. I use and build these experiences into the orders that have been placed to me. These make all my orders even more special and unique. 

What can I offer?

I offer to design and make all the artistic glasswork in a house: in door frames, windows, suspended ceilings, lamps, partitions, kitchen back-walls and paintings. I am always looking forward to your order with curiosity full of heartfelt interest: What kind of speciality are you planning to choose as a jewel of your home?


I want to express my warmest thanks to all my customers who had the confidence in my creativity as a designer and in my accurate realizations of the artistic pieces of glasswork, and this way my creations have been able to become a part of their homes.

Thank you for all the recommendations of my content customers, the co-operating interior architects, architects, interior decorators and their contacts.


What are the processes to get the most beautiful results? 

First step: accurate assessment and survey

– the future size of the required artistic glass creation

– the given parameters of the premises

– the idea and wishes of the customer

Second step: devising the artistic process in terms of material

– The customer gets the plans from me concerning the optimal materials that could be best used for the purpose. 

– In a process of mutual discussion, we come to a final agreement with the customer on the colour, shape and material.

Third step: When the actual production process begins.

– The system of the manufacturing process ensures that each artistic glasswork gets an individual attention. This makes it possible for me to guarantee the jewel-like quality.

– The installation on the premises is done with guarantee on accuracy.


From designing to realization

In the picture showing a drawing, we can see the last phase of the designing process: this was the final choice of the customer from among four similar samples.

On the other side, the full, final realization of the artistic design is visible among changing light conditions of the living environment, in full splendor and with the different transparency of the glass surfaces. Look at the huge difference compared to the drawing: the vividness of the glasswork becomes even more emphasized after having been installed into its place.