Unique and magical glasswork to the homes of highbrow customers

There is nothing more uplifting than, day by day, living surrounded by the magnificent, shining presence of art. Every painting opens a window to a new world. They enrich our everyday lives with their beauty thereby offering an opportunity for regeneration. 

The exceptional glass painting can achieve even more than that because with the use of the innovative techniques, new beauties inherent in glass, unknown so far, can be discovered. If you are interested in the artistic novelties of the 20th century – do not miss it!

Alphons Mucha, Automne, reproduction

Alphons Mucha Ősz, másolat

Your house is your castle – feel yourself a king/a queen in your home!

Are you building a house? Would you like your dream home to be more than an average property where luxury aesthetics can take its worthy place? Or do you have a finished flat and your aim is to furnish it similarly gorgeously?

Now you can order unique and splendid glass paintings from an expert who has 30 years’ professional experience and combines craftsmanship going back to the 15th century with the latest techniques. 

You can choose glasswork into your home that meets your needs!

Which is your favourite style? Which fits the most to the furnishing of your home? My high quality, special glass paintings of artistic value can be produced, based on your wish, in any artistic style beginning with baroque and Art Nouveau through art-deco to minimal. 

Since designing and realizing is an absolutely individual process, and the glasswork is made exclusively for you, you can become a co-creator of the special object of art. Your home is the ’canvas’ that you can paint using your own creativity and style through my creations. 

The only thing you have to do is to express your ideas and needs and to indicate the required mood or feeling in order to guide me in the process of creating. You can get visual aid to this: you can select from the displayed types of glass material. Starting from here, based on mutual agreement, we can narrow the circle to find the best materials in order that you could soon be a happy owner of a glasswork absolutely meeting your expectations and satisfying your taste. 

I am responsible for the whole artistic and technical process from designing to installation, at the end of which an enviable peculiarity, a real glasswork jewel will make the home of the highbrow customer complete.

Alphons Mucha, Automne, reproduction, glass painting

Alphons Mucha, Winter, reproduction

Alphons Mucha Authum másolat üvegfestmény
üvegfestmény, Alphons Mucha másolat

Unfading beauty over generations

My creations represent lasting value that cannot fade away with the trends. The glass paintings timelessly fascinate everyone who gets closer to them while praise the customers’ subtle taste without words.

All the practical glasswork objects that are made on order in my art workshop, are single products, i.e. there is no more alike in the whole world: it is exclusively yours. It is inimitable and can be admired only in your home. Provide everyone with a unique experience and warm the cockles of your own heart, too, with the magic of the glasswork. 

Prestige and elegance for hotels, restaurants and offices

Your guests and clients will feel that visiting you they are not entering an ordinary place if, instead of plain white walls, my glass paintings receive them in elegant places.

When we travel on holiday to a faraway place, we like choosing a hotel that immediately overwhelms us with its subtle appearance and exclusive atmosphere. Similarly, in case of a restaurant, the prominent furnishing is very important, which makes the guests even more generous. Also, in case of a modern office, even the effectiveness of work can be increased by the environment of higher quality, which fascinates both customer contacts and the clients, and what’s more commands respect. 

Painting, painted on glass

glass painting, Alphons Mucha, Automne, reproduction

Üvegre festett festmény
Üvegfestmény Alphons Mucha Authum másolat

How can I help you?

I design, produce and install high quality glasswork into whole houses and interiors (into doors, windows, suspended ceilings, partitions, kitchen back-walls and I make glass paintings, too) with several decades’ experience as a glasswork artist.

What kind of glasswork miracle would you choose into your home, your firm or catering facility as a decoration of long standing? Would you like an astonishing speciality or the object should softly form a harmonious unity with the environment?

Shall we make an appointment for surveying the site?

What happens at a site survey?

The magnificent glass paintings are born out of individuality. Therefore it is important for me to know about your wishes and ideas. What kind of colours do you like being surrounded by? What kind of styles do you prefer? What is the environment like where the glass painting will be installed? For inspiration, I am going to bring pictures, offer ideas and solutions based on my previous works. 

It is good for me to see the place that will be the future home of the artistic glass creation because the environment provides me with necessary information from the artistic point of view. 

Based on exact data, I can give an exact price offer together with the plans that you can order after the site survey that is free of charge.

I want to make an appointment