Gorgeous glass paintings on stock


Every rare thing is valuable, it is even more so if there is only one of it in the whole world.

If you browse my website, you must be aware that even among my glass paintings on stock, there are no two glasswork pieces that were exactly the same. 

This way you can be sure that you not only get a perfect creation that was made by me with absolute nicety, meticulous care and love but also a unique glasswork miracle. 


Let beauty become part of your home!

My mission is, as a professional and an artist and having the experience of 30 years’ creative activity, to overwhelm my highbrow customers with glamorous glass paintings that shine like jewels over generations.  

If you are looking for permanent value, you are at the right place! In a beautiful flat, the glass surfaces cannot stay monotone either. You can also make the property used by you, should it be a hotel, a restaurant or an office, out-of-the-common if you purchase ready-made glasswork from the present supply on stock. In the latter case, the magic of the artistic glasswork can immediately be part of your property and you don’t have to wait for it. 

We provide help in the installation

As a real glasswork artist is not only a lover of beauty but a clever craftsman of his/her profession and a humble master of realization and installation, I consider it my task to deliver and install my creations myself. 

I offer 100% warranty, but only in this latter case, since the artistic creation is always fragile especially if it is made of glass. 

What kind of glasswork creations can you choose from at the moment that are on stock?



My first glasswork piece on stock is a glass painting decorated with rose quartz. The magenta shade painted in watercolor-like manner creates an atmosphere of romantic intimacy with a light touch of eroticism.



The title of the second glasswork piece: The first moment of liberation. An energetic and light composition; its swirling colors create a positive atmosphere and energize without irritating the eyes with strong shades. 

Tiffany lámpa és kép


’Amorous autumn touch’ is the title of the third glasswork creation which is a special illuminator. This artistic lamp immortalizes the power of the hardly perceptible, softest touch that is able to rearrange and renew our whole existence in a blink of an eye.